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Example Inside - Item #555 American Heroes

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Additional Information

Mix & Match: Titles may be combined when ordering 250 or more coloring books. When mixing themes, there must be a minimum order of 25 books for each theme. Imprint design and color remains the same for all combined coloring books.

Minimum orders required.

Coloring Book & Crayon Set: A Fun Pack! Make it Easy with the coloring book conveniently packaged with a 4-pack of crayons in a sealed poly bag. No assembly required. Available for $0.99 each.

These books have a full color cover and 16 pages of coloring, games and activities. Recommended for children ages 3 and up.

Product Specs

• Full Color Cover
• 16 Pages of Coloring, Games & Activities
• Recommended for children 3+
• Made in USA
• Set Up: $35
• Fun Pack Upgrade ($0.99ea)


• 7"w x 1-3/4"h One Stock Color Included
• Stock Colors: Black, Blue 286, Red 186, Green 355
• Full Color Available ($0.18ea)
• Fun Pack Crayon Box: 3-1/4"w x 1-1/4"h Full Color (Requires Fun Pack Upgrade)

Product Dimensions

• Product Size: 8"w x 10-1/2"h
• Fun Pack Crayon Box: 3-1/2"w x 1-3/4"h

Make It a Fun Pack!

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Custom Imprinted Crayon Pack